Spinnaker Training Courses

If you’d like to learn Spinnaker via a training course we recommend this inexpensive online Udemy course on Continuous Deployments using Spinnaker on AWS and Kubernetes, which was created by Edward Viaene and Jorn Jambers.

Here’s the course description:

Deploy your software just like the big tech companies. Spinnaker is a multi-cloud Continuous Delivery platform that enables you to release your software often, with high confidence.

Spinnaker is open sourced by Netflix and is now used by small and big tech companies to release their software on the cloud. Google is also a major contributor to Spinnaker.

If you are looking how to deploy your software to AWS, or Kubernetes, then this course is for you. In this course we explain step-by-step how to:

  • Setup Spinnaker locally, or using any virtual machine in the cloud
  • Deploy your software on AWS using deployments pipelines in Spinnaker
  • Integrate Spinnaker with Jenkins
  • Deploy software using Spinnaker on Kubernetes (using the kubernetes v2 provider)


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