Armory Definition of Early Release, Beta, and GA


What is the definition for releases that are Early Release, Beta, and GA?


This is a description that varies from company to company. We decided to publish what each one of these release definitions are for Armory, and where we suggest you install them. Regardless of what stage a feature is in, we would love to hear some feedback about it.

Early Release

Feature is working and installable, but some functionality is likely to be missing and a number of known and unknown issues are likely to surface. It is released to a limited set of technology partners.

Where To Install Early Release

Not production! No, really don’t do it! This release is meant to give the user an advanced ability to get to know a feature sooner and gives Armory a chance to collect feedback on what is working and not working. Early Release is meant for a closed development environment or a learning environment that can be destroyed at any minute and rebuilt.


The feature is working, and installation works. All of the major known issues are fixed, Armory is working with customers to test the feature out. It’s close to what we expect to ship to our users.

Where To Install Beta

Pretty much anywhere except production. A production installation could occur but proceed with caution and have proper rollbacks ready. If you want to experiment with the feature, Armory recommends using your development, QA, staging, or pre-prod environments. This release is meant to give the user a chance to set up new functionality and hit the ground running when GA releases. It is also an oppurtunity to give feedback on any final major issues.


All major technical issues have been identified and/or resolved. The application is available for install by all customers in the official Armory release.

Where to Install GA

Anywhere you like.


With the above understanding, jump over to our documentation and enjoy.



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