Using Github Artifacts as a Pipeline Trigger

  1. Enable the Artifacts feature in config/spinnaker-local.yml

         enabled: true
  2. Configure a Github Artifact account in config/clouddriver-local.yml. You’ll need a Github Personal Access Token so that Clouddriver can fetch artifacts stored in your repositories. Most users have a bot account that they can use for automation like this. If you already have one, feel free to use it instead of creating a new one. my-github-account can be changed as you see fit. If you have multiple Github artifact accounts, it’s best to use an identifiable name.
         enabled: true
         - name: my-github-account # this will be the name of the artifact account within Spinnaker
           username: <YOUR_ACCOUNT_USERNAME>
           token: <YOUR_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN>
  3. Redeploy Armory Spinnaker

  4. Configure a Github webhook using this documentation. If you have a lot of repositories, you can setup an Organization level webhook.

  5. Configure your Github artifacts and pipeline triggers following this documentation.

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