What is Immutable Infrastructure?#

Immutable infrastructure is comprised of immutable components that are replaced for every deployment, rather than being updated in-place. Those components are started from a common image that is built once per deployment and can be tested and validated.

Where does Spinnaker begin and Jenkins end?#

Spinnaker is not a build server. It was never designed that way. While in theory Spinnaker could implement its own service that acts as a build server, there is no need to do this. Spinnaker takes advantage of the existing Jenkins ecosystem and uses Jenkins behinds the scenes. Spinnaker was designed from the ground up to be a cloud deployment tool combining Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. This means that instead of just executing arbitrary tasks, it has first class support for cloud concepts.

How do I monitor my server that monitors my deployments?#

Currently, Armory has integration with Datadog, and New Relic coming soon, but we are open to suggestions and welcome feedback on other tools we could integrate with.