Shared Configuration Repository


How do you use the same or multiple Spinnaker installations to deploy to multiple AWS accounts while sharing a single configuration repository?


Having multiple Spinnaker installations, with multiple AWS accounts, share the same configuration repository is possible. First let’s cover a few things that need to be baselined, after that we can jump over to our docs for more details.

Spinnaker Environment:

This is where Spinnaker (the service) lives. Usually correlated with an appropriate DNS entry. ex: This is useful for different levels of isolations. There’s multiple methods of isolations you can do: multiple clouds (Kubernetes, AWS), AWS accounts, Kubernetes namespaces, different VPCs, or even just different instances with new datastores.

Deployment Target:

This is where Spinnaker is configured to deploy to. This is useful for managing applications across different cloud providers, accounts.


With the above understanding jump over to our documentation and enjoy.



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