Using Travis CI with Spinnaker


Can I use Travis CI with Spinnaker?


Yes you can! Just like Jenkins, Spinnaker has a native integration with Travis. You can easily use it to trigger deployments once CI builds finish. However, unlike with Jenkins, you cannot use Travis to run arbitrary jobs. This is more of a limitation imposed by Travis than a limitation of Spinnaker itself.

Configuring a Travis Master:

Igor is the Spinnaker service responsible for interacting with external CI systems like Jenkins and Travis. So, in order to configure a Travis Master, you’ll need to add the following configuration to igor-local.yml.

  enabled: true
  # Travis names are prefixed with travis- inside igor.
  - name: ci # This will show as travis-ci inside spinnaker.
    githubToken: a-github-token
  - /Upload https?:\/\/.+\/(.+\.(deb|rpm))/

You can configure multiple Travis masters by adding more entries under the masters key.

The regexes key is used to parse build information out of the Travis build log using the art CLI. This information is then used by Spinnaker pipelines to inform Bake stages which package versions should be installed during a bake stage.

Finally, in order to ensure that Igor is enabled, add the following to spinnaker-local.yml:

    enabled: true


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