Hitting Igor's caching thresholds


  • Completing a Jenkins job doesn’t trigger a pipeline execution
  • Pushing to a docker repository doesn’t trigger a pipeline execution
  • In your Igor logs, you see something like:
Number of items (999999) to cache exceeds upper threshold (1000) in monitor=DockerMonitor partition=dockerhub


Number of items (999999) to cache exceeds upper threshold (1000) in monitor=JenkinsMonitor partition=jenkins


Potential causes could be:

  • A new Jenkins master has been added
  • A new docker registry has been added
  • Igor has been down for a while
  • Redis has been wiped


There are two ways to resolve this issue:

  • If this is a one time occurrence (adding a new Jenkins master/new docker repository) then you can use the fastfoward API to advance the pointer.
curl -X POST http://igor_address_port/admin/pollers/fastforward/dockerTagMonitor
curl -X POST http://igor_address_port/admin/pollers/fastforward/jenkinsBuildMonitor

# To find available monitors, try "help"
curl -X POST http://igor_address_port/admin/pollers/fastforward/help
  "message": "PollingMonitor help was not found, available monitors are: [dockerTagMonitor, jenkinsBuildMonitor]",
  "exception": "com.netflix.spinnaker.kork.web.exceptions.NotFoundException",
  "error": "Not Found",
  "status": 404,
  "timestamp": "2018-08-23T00:35:15.592+0000"

“fastforward” essentially moves the pointer to the latest state (in this case Jenkins), telling Igor to safely ignore all previous changes.

  • If this happens often, then you may want to change limits to something higher, or pollIntervals to something lower.

In your igor-local.yml, add and change the values:

    pollInterval: 30  # in seconds for all monitors
       itemUpperThreshold: 1000  # change your limits for all monitors

Increasing the itemUpperThreshold will allow Igor to respond to more changes in the given timeframe specified by pollInterval.

More information

This affects Armory versions >= v1.13.7.

See https://github.com/spinnaker/igor/pull/254 for more details.



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