Using custom images with Halyard

Occasionally, it may make sense to update the Spinnaker Kubernetes deployments created by Halyard with a custom Docker image. This can be done through a custom service setting.

Here is how you would achieve this: identify the service that you’re modifying, and create a corresponding file in .hal/<deployment-name>/service-settings/<service-name>.yml with the relevant artifactId.

For example, if I want to use a custom Docker image for my Deck, I could create the following file:



Then, when you go to deploy your update (hal deploy apply), this setting should propagate to .hal/<deployment-name>/staging/spinnaker.yml, in services.deck.artifactId, and get deployed to the cluster.

More generically, individual settings in spinnaker.yml can be overridden with files in .hal/<deployment-name>/service-settings/<service-name>.yml, and additional yaml files can be propagated to containers by placing them in .hal/<deployment-name>/profiles/<service-name>-local.yml



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