Configure Travis with Halyard

Configuring Travis in your Spinnaker instance with Halyard is pretty easy, but there are a few “gotchas” to watch out for.

Configure Travis

First, configure your Travis master:

hal config ci travis master add Travis --address --base-url --github-token

(If you’re using a private Travis account, change the addresses appropriately)

For reference, you can look at the Spinnaker docs

Enable Travis

Next, enable Travis with Halyard:

hal config ci travis enable

Update igor-local.yml (Temporary Fix)

This is currently a bug with OSS halyard; doing the above will cause Igor to go into a CrashLoopBackoff state. The fix for this is to go into your <profile>/profiles/ directory and add (or update, if you already have one) igor-local.yml. Add this section:

    enabled: true

Enable Travis Stages

If you want to be able to run Travis jobs as a stage in your pipeline, you’ll need to enable the stage as well:

hal config features edit --travis true


Now you should be able to hal deploy apply and when your services have restarted, you should be able to trigger pipelines off Travis builds, and see a Travis stage option in your pipelines.



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